Product identity: Holographic marks.

Holographic marking

The advance of technology in the last two decades has acquired a vertiginous dynamism in all aspects of daily life, which has generated a true revolution in all branches of the market. The generation of trademarks and marketing are no exception, this has transformed the way of conceiving Industrial Property, which has had to adapt to this era of changes, all with the intention of preserving and protecting entrepreneurship, because the market never stops transforming and is always in search of new horizons to launch itself to conquer new consumers, This constancy and search for new opportunities has led the Mexican legislation, specifically the Industrial Property Law to create specific denominations that adapt to this moment, in order to register and protect the creations that have been the result of technological progress, and that in the current legislation are known as “Trademarks”. non-traditional brands.

Within the non-traditional brands we find something called and named as
Holographic Mark
which can be described as; a photograph obtained by holography, a technique that consists in the creation of images that have a three-dimensional appearance. To achieve this effect, a laser beam must be used to microscopically etch the photosensitive film. The product of this process is an image that, when it receives light from the correct angle, causes it to be projected in three dimensions. Specifically, it is like microscopically sculpting with a laser beam on a special surface, some figure, that when it has already been engraved on that special surface, this, when receiving or projecting light, from different perspectives, will seem to move in three dimensions, as if the image came to life and moved by itself, but the reality is that light, perspective and movement are what generate this sensation.

Currently in the market there is a growing and large number of holographic brands, which are used to represent brands and their respective products, in order to generate trust in consumers and thus increase the positioning of companies.

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